As one of the leading designers in Antwerp for dental jewelry we take pride in our high quality and perfect fit guarantee. Therefor a visit in person is mandatory. This visit includes: moulding, design discussion and fitting (when the grillz are ready, 2 weeks after your first visit).

For one high precision moulding, the fee is 30,00 euro (top/bottom) and 50,00 euro for two (top and bottom). You will get to keep these after, they’re top dental grade and reusable. 

Standard grillz (full/window) have standard prices, if you want to include a design, stone or engraving an extra cost will be charged. (for a design this is usually around 30,00 tot 50,00 euro, stones depends on the value) All grillz will be paid up front (cash/card/...). 

Prices per cap (full/window):

  • silver: 95,00 euro
  • gold: 285,00 euro 

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bow grill

bow grill