The brand Bobby was founded by Robbe Nelissen.
Born in 1993, Robbe grew up in Nijlen, a small town not far from Antwerp. He moved to the city when he was a student and has been living there ever since.
Robbe's friends call him Bobby.

Every piece is made to order, this way there will never be any unnecessary waste or overstock. The permanent collection is designed to be unisex, each piece can be worn by M/F/X.

Customs on request.
Pieces from the permanent collection in full gold or full white gold on request.




Each piece is handmade to order; therefore, it will take us fifteen to twenty working days to craft your jewel.

The shipping cost and time will be calculated depending on the country. Worldwide shipment is possible. Since we are an Antwerp based brand, all deliveries in Antwerp are granted without cost.


Because each piece is handmade to order, we are not able to accept returns or offer refunds if you have a change of heart. Please choose wisely before ordering your jewel and make sure you select the correct size.


We offer a six-month warranty for all gold plated jewelry.
After this six-month warranty, we offer a gold plating service. Pricing will depend on the weight of the piece.

We also offer a twenty-four-month warranty for hidden flaws.
After this period, or if your piece is damaged by accident, we offer a repair service. Pricing will depend on the complexity of the work.

Take care … of the product

Silver is a soft metal and will tarnish over time, but it can always be cleaned up to as-new state.
To slow down tarnishing, all pieces are rhodium or 18k gold plated.

Because rings endure more friction, we apply an extra heavy 18k gold coating.

Each handmade piece comes with a jewelry box, it is best to always store the piece in this box because it is a dry and dark place. This will also prevent the jewel from possible scratches.

Each handmade piece comes with a soft cloth, it is advised to use this when cleaning it. Do not use any cleaning products or soap.

It is best not to wear the piece for any physical activity or when bathing. Sweat, water, soap and any other liquids are to be avoided.

Size guide

When buying a ring, it is important to know the right size.

If you already own a ring of the correct size, you can measure the inner diameter of this ring.

If you do not already own a ring of the correct size, you can measure your finger by wrapping a piece of paper or around it. Place a mark where you feel it is the right size and measure the distance with a ruler in millimeters, this number is your correct size.

Another, more precise, way is to use our personal size guide. You can download it here: size-guide.pdf

Circumference finger in mm
∅ ring in mm
44 14.1
45 14.35
46 14.65
47 15.04
48 15.2
49 15.4
50 15.8
51 16.1
52 16.51
53 16.92
54 17.15
55 17.35
56 17.75
57 18.19
58 18.61
59 18.85
60 19.1